The Build Story

The construction of the Queensferry Crossing between 2011 and 2017 was an incredible feat of civil engineering, undertaken in the challenging climate of the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. Through exclusive 3D animations, project team interviews, videos and photographs, the Build section explains every element of the job - from blasting a rocky outcrop in the Forth, to the complex joining of five huge structures to form the new bridge.


The Queensferry Crossing bridge is at the centre of the largest Scottish infrastructure project in a generation, including major road and junction upgrades. Explore photography and videos of the bridge and road networks construction from the very beginning of the project.

Public Scrapbook

The Queensferry Crossing is fast becoming one of Scotland's most photographed icons, attracting photographers from all over the world to visit the area to capture the newest member of the Forth bridges family. Upload your best images to our public scrapbook and share them with fans around the world - some of the latest additions are shown below.


MAY 2017 | Submitted by Richard Newton


FEBRUARY 2017 | Submitted by Andy Bell


JULY 2016 | Submitted by Adrian Maricic


MAY 2017 | Submitted by Jim Reid


Fitting that the very last person to walk over the bridge was little Alethea Wynne with her mum Samantha #LoveQC

2 weeks ago

@KDog22811035 After four days in operation we hope the new system beds in

2 weeks ago

@calumelgol that would require a completely different approach road network

2 weeks ago

@saltonsgonagetu this decision was taken to avoid placing strain on local roads and infrastructure

2 weeks ago

@KDog22811035 primarily to replace the Forth Road Bridge

2 weeks ago

If you're planning to visit the Queensferry Crossing, why not become a part of the project’s legacy when you’re here? Take a photo of yourself, family and/or friends with the bridge in the background and you can become part of Frame the Bridge! Upload your photograph to help build the fantastic online “People’s Bridge” mosaic and your photos will also form a key part of the celebrations when the bridge opens.

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