Do you love the Queensferry Crossing?

For those who have watched the Queensferry Crossing grow from subtle foundations rising out of the water, to the towering world record-breaking structure as it stands today, it's hard not to feel a little emotional about this outstanding engineering achievement.

The new Forth crossing provides an essential transport link, making sure we can all get where we need to go. But with the esteemed and diverse structural company it keeps (with the Forth Bridge and Forth Road Bridge as neighbours), the Queensferry Crossing was always destined to be more than just a bridge.

The Love QC campaign was launched to find out what ordinary people outside of the project really thought about the structure's design, benefits, features, or any other aspect that they felt made the Queensferry Crossing hold its own alongside the engineering mastery of the 19th and 20th century bridges sitting right next door.

So tell you love the Queensferry Crossing?

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The Queensferry Crossing bridge is at the centre of the largest Scottish infrastructure project in a generation, including major road and junction upgrades. Explore photography and videos of the bridge and road networks construction from the start of the project.