The Build

The construction of the Queensferry Crossing between 2011 and 2017 was an incredible feat of civil engineering, undertaken in the challenging climate of the Firth of Forth near Edinburgh. Using exclusive 3D animations, interviews with the project team and a wealth of video footage and photographs, the Build section lets you to focus on every element of the job - from blasting a rocky outcrop in the middle of the Forth to a world-breaking underwater concrete pour to the complex joining of five different structures to form the new bridge.

Road Networks

The Forth Replacement Crossing project included more than just the construction of the iconic Queensferry Crossing. Road networks on the southern and northern approaches underwent significant improvement and upgrade works to carry motorway traffic smoothly over the new cross-Forth structure.


The Queensferry Crossing bridge is at the centre of the largest Scottish infrastructure project in a generation, including major road and junction upgrades. Explore photography and videos of the bridge and road networks construction from the start of the project.